Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Communion

They grow and they grow and they grow!  All of the sudden it seems my biggest boy is ready for his first communion.  It was a great day and I must say I did not expect to be so moved by the ceremony.  It is a rite of passage and Ben took it all very seriously.  I remember feeling almost sick to my stomach at mine I was so nervous but not my Ben.  He is a gulp in life kind of guy and loved it.

Poor Jack was not so into it and had a grand mal temper tantrum at having to change his clothes to go to church.  Always lovely when the grandparents are down to visit!  We found out why at the church though as he very quickly fell asleep with Don.  It turned out nicely though because when it was time for the parents to go up to the front for the first communion my dad came with me because Don had his arms full.

So there we were, three generations celebrating a special moment.  Could not help but shed a tear.  Ben of course was totally excited to eat his treat and happily skipped through the church.  Gotta love his spirit.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Passion

From the moment Ben discovered he could use his arms and legs to get around he has been going.  When he was little friends used to be amazed at his energy.  We were told many times how he seemed to have more energy than any other child they had ever seen.  I believe them!  

I think though that we may have found his niche.  The perfect sport to fulfill a child who needs lots of action and a little danger.  A tough combination for any mother to accept.  Good golly I will some day have nerves of steel!  Sorry, got off track.  Sooo the new passion is BMX biking and I must say it is cool!

From the first moment he went down the steep hill to pick up speed you could see the pure and utter joy on his face.  It went on for two hours and he was amazing.  He quickly learned how to balance himself at the start gate and hopes to have a BMX career. 

We found a used bike online and Don got it all painted up for him.  He is thrilled with it.  I am so happy he is happy.  This was the sight I found the morning after his first evening after the track.  I think it says it all.