Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How we Spent Saturday Night

When Don works nights on a week end I usually plan sleepovers.  This week end was no different we had some neighborhood friends for a sleepover Friday and then a school friend over on Saturday.  On Saturday evening this was the sight from my kitchen.  Three little guys enjoying some hard core gaming--age appropriate of course!

Monday, February 7, 2011

What the Hecka is Going on Here? Part 3

Oh yeah baby, at the end of this winter craft we had somewhere around 12 kids running around the fort painting it with the spray bottles full of paint and water (FYI use food colouring not paint). 
Everyone had a chance to express themselves in the snow and the result is nothing less than fabulous.  My front yard has been transformed into a massive fridge front covered with drawings from all the the neighborhood kids.  So far this morning we have all taken our tuns running to the dining room window to check it out.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.  The two moms admiring their work knowing it was thoroughly enjoyed by many.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What the Hecka is Going on Here? Part 2

Part 2 of this neighborhood craft project involved some major snow moving.  Ben and Jack were total troopers and definitely moved a lot of snow in preparation for this craft project.  The lump of snow that we slowly accumulted was many things in the half hour the three of us worked away at it.  A mountain, a cone, a cylinder, and of course Jack prayed it would magically turn into a train.  I think the boys were pretty thankful when Katie our neighbor and Mom of Peyton and Ethan arrived to help with the snow! 
Between the two moms we moved some major snow!  I am talking a good hour and a half of shoveling.  Coats and hats were shed.  We were sweating it out, neighbors drove by and slowed as they passed us wondering what the hecka we were up to.  Slowly what started out as a big lump of snow began to take shape and turned into a super awesome snow fort complete with two rooms.  The energy between us changed and we became SUPER MOMS. 
This isn't something that happens everyday of course but once in a while you do something so cool for your kids that you are elevated to the peak of SUPER MOMNESS and we achieved it on this day.  We were great, plans have been made to expand the fort of course.  We are just waiting for more snow so we can add furniture and of course more rooms.
You can see the excitement (relief) on our faces as part 2 of this super winter craft day is completed.  Bet you can guess what is next!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What the Hecka is Going on Here? Part 1

I love to craft.  I think the boys do too.  I know sometimes my boys get sick of it...clearly I planned a few too many at Christmas time but now that we have had a chance to recuperate from Christmas it was time to get back at it.  Can you guess what we are making?  A few clues:
1) Empty contents of all the spray bottles in the house into mason jars.
2) Fill up spray bottles with water and paint.  Two very excited boys are wonderful helpers for this step!
3) Text all neighbourhood moms and arrange to meet outside.
4) Win the Mom of the Week award!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bed That Jack Made

I took Ben to his karate class the other night and Don stayed home with Jack.  It is so nice when this can happen because an hour is a long time for Jack to sit on the sidelines while Ben has his karate class.  Leaving Don alone with any child usually guarantees some sort of project from Daddy but on this night it was Jack who unleashed his creativity and the result was sweet.

Don came down to the living room from upstairs to find a bed made by Jack.  Six chairs, some couch pillows and two blankets later it was prepared.  Jack wanted Don to lay down with him in the 'bed'.  So they did and as entertainment took in a documentary about rivers which Jack thoroughly enjoyed. 

By the time Benny and I arrived home Jack was sleeping soundly in his new bed and Ben promptly joined him with the dog following closely behind.  Note the fake sleep pose Ben is attempting so we won't notice him awake and put him to bed.

These are the moments I must tuck in my pocket and save.  They are the ones which get me through the days when two boys hardly take a break for lunch to stop picking at each other.