Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bed That Jack Made

I took Ben to his karate class the other night and Don stayed home with Jack.  It is so nice when this can happen because an hour is a long time for Jack to sit on the sidelines while Ben has his karate class.  Leaving Don alone with any child usually guarantees some sort of project from Daddy but on this night it was Jack who unleashed his creativity and the result was sweet.

Don came down to the living room from upstairs to find a bed made by Jack.  Six chairs, some couch pillows and two blankets later it was prepared.  Jack wanted Don to lay down with him in the 'bed'.  So they did and as entertainment took in a documentary about rivers which Jack thoroughly enjoyed. 

By the time Benny and I arrived home Jack was sleeping soundly in his new bed and Ben promptly joined him with the dog following closely behind.  Note the fake sleep pose Ben is attempting so we won't notice him awake and put him to bed.

These are the moments I must tuck in my pocket and save.  They are the ones which get me through the days when two boys hardly take a break for lunch to stop picking at each other.

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