Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fish In A Bag

While away we got to do some snorkeling on a coral reef.  Totally awesome.  Benny loved it while Jack spent some time on the boat with the captain feeding the fish with chunks of bread lifted from the buffet.

The absolute highlight of this day wasn't necessarily the snorkeling but what occurred after the snorkeling was done.  I was still in the water when I heard the excited shrieks of two very happy boys!  What should I see but two boys who had caught a fish with a zip loc bag.  What the hecka I say.  A joint effort, Jack put the chunk of bread in the bag and Benny held the bag under water until an unsuspecting fishy swam in and was captured long enough to catch this perfect photo.

Good work boys!

Our guide was kind enough to take some underwater shots and send them home with us.  Thank you Michael!

The reef was beautiful of course.

Where The Heck Have We Been?

Ahh, let the Cuba chronicles begin.  Our first BIG vacation as a family was two weeks in Cuba with two amazing boys who are total pros when it comes to travel.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Diary...

One of my favorite purchases this summer had to be your journals.  Again my friend the dollar store came in quite handy because I told you both to pick any journal you wished to select.  Isn't it fun when you get to pick anything you like without restriction?  There is something about that freedom that excites the soul.

Anyhow, Jack selected a cute journal with a puppy on the front and Ben went for one with a skull on it.  Over the summer you both used them to record your thoughts.  Jack in the form of pictures and Ben using words and pictures.  On this particular day we had purchased some new pencils for school so you both decided to give your journals another whirl.  Nothing I like better then to see you both at the table working away.

The table is full of permanent marker and holes where crafting has gotten a wee bit over exuberant.  It is a spot where you can both be as creative as you wish which I hope you will continue to be.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Tubin' It

We all know about Jack's little obsession with trains or traiaiaiains in his little boy talk (which is sadly long gone).  So how does he feed his obsession?  Well, of course he has many train sets with which to play with but one major source of entertainment for him is You Tube.  You Tube has allowed him unlimited access to steam trains, passenger trains, cargo trains, and let us not forget talking trains, train simulators, you name it and he has seen it.  

You know how the site counts the number of views on each clip?  Pretty sure Jackie is responsible for thousands of them.  Ah the sweet sound of "Little Toys Trains" still runs through my head on the train track found on my very last nerve to this very day!