Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Diary...

One of my favorite purchases this summer had to be your journals.  Again my friend the dollar store came in quite handy because I told you both to pick any journal you wished to select.  Isn't it fun when you get to pick anything you like without restriction?  There is something about that freedom that excites the soul.

Anyhow, Jack selected a cute journal with a puppy on the front and Ben went for one with a skull on it.  Over the summer you both used them to record your thoughts.  Jack in the form of pictures and Ben using words and pictures.  On this particular day we had purchased some new pencils for school so you both decided to give your journals another whirl.  Nothing I like better then to see you both at the table working away.

The table is full of permanent marker and holes where crafting has gotten a wee bit over exuberant.  It is a spot where you can both be as creative as you wish which I hope you will continue to be.

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