Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letter to Ben

Hi Benny boy,

Did you know we are both the oldest child in our family?  This means we both got to be the first to do most things in our families which is kind of cool.  This also means that our parents got to experience most of the firsts with us.  This means that my parents and your parents (me and Dad) were new at each experience.  Not yet seasoned with each stage a child goes through.

I know that sometimes I expect too much of you and that I don't always understand what exactly it is that I should expect from a seven year old boy but I'm trying my best.  Trying my best to be open to learning with you and trying my best to give you just what you need.  I know though that I don't always do the best job with this.

I hope one day you will look back and know that the times I pushed too hard or expected you to be too grown up were because you are my first and I am learning just like you.  Not because I was mean or because there was anything wrong with you.

I want to be the best mom I can be for you and I know you always try to be the best boy you can be for me.  It might not always feel like it but I think we are the best partners for each in other in this land of firsts.  I can't think of any other boy I would rather do it with, you are my first forever and always.

Your Crazy Momma

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