Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I Know for Sure...I Think...

Time for another installment of things I know for sure.  It is good to have a few things you know for sure to offset the many things you haven't a clue about.  When questioning myself about the job I do as a mother so often I focus on the stuff I don't know.  Sometimes instead of tearing oneself down it is much wiser to build yourself up.  So lets focus on what I are the things I know for sure.

1. A Friday night party followed by a Saturday night sleepover are a sure recipe for tired and cranky boys.

2. Tired and cranky boys do not make good playmates and should not be left in the bathtub alone with one another along with a spray bottle full of cold water.

3.  This mother of tired and cranky boys will eventually lose her cool and look up at the ceiling while calling out "Santa did you just hear what "insert child's name here" said?" in a vain attempt to shock the boys.

4.  Tired boys (once calmed down) make THE BEST cuddlers in the world.

5.  I do not know how Whoville fits into a snowflake or exactly what 100 times the weight of an ant feels like.

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