Thursday, May 5, 2011

Karate Grading

Benny is such an enthusiastic fellow.  I can't think of a time where I have suggested he try a new activity where he didn't jump up and say sure!  Right now he is enrolled in karate and soccer and he hopes  to give BMX biking a whirl this summer.  A natural born adventurer to be sure.

The karate class we attend is held in a community hall and the people who run it do it because they love it because at 20 bucks a month they sure aren't making any money!  It does take a bit longer for the kids to move through the belts but really Ben does it for the pleasure of participating not so much for the belts.  This has been a big year for Ben.  He has really matured and changed so much.  No longer is he the boy bouncing off walls, he has harnessed his energy and this was noticed in karate and so this winter he earned his yellow belt.  Proud boy?  You bet!  I think he knew that this recognition symbolized a new era for him.  A chance for him to be an example for the younger kids.

We were oh so proud on this evening.  So was Ben.  We celebrated with a stop at Tim Hortins on the way home.  A doughnut well earned.

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