Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tears of GLEE!

Sadly this mother has been ignoring this little space where memories have begun to collect but I have promised myself that has to stop.  I am back!  Things have gotten a little nutty here because I just got a two month contract working at Queen's University.  Great because it will give us some summer fun moolah but it has made things a bit crazy around here!

Last week Benny told me that his class was doing a dance routine and that he wanted me to come and watch.  I was at his school working with the reading program so off to the gym I went to see what this dance was all about.  Turns out they were preforming a song from the television show Glee.  As soon as the music began so did my tears.  It was as if a tonne of bricks fell onto my heart because in that moment watching his class assume the roles usually played by high school students I knew, I mean really knew that one day very soon they would actually be high school students.

So I cried.  just a bit at first.  Easily hidden by pretending to wipe something from my eye but as each chorus sounded the tears came harder almost reaching the point where shoulders start shaking in the unmistakable way of all out sobbing.  Control was difficult and I was tempted to run out but I couldn't not watch.  So I did my best to mop up my tears lest I embarrass my child for years to come by being the Mom who cried.  I was rewarded by a truly spectacular performance.

Ben was in his element.  He had moves like I have never seen before.  You are a born performer Ben and you made my heart fly into outer space!

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