Monday, April 4, 2011

The Brotherhood of the Travelling Jogging Pants

I see Jack everyday learning from his big brother.  Often it is sweet things he is learning like how to build the perfect Lego Star Wars ship.  Sometimes it is an important life lesson like how Mommy is more likely to pass out a treat after you tell her you love her and call her Mama.  Today he learned a fashion tip from an 8 year old who beyond the odd request for a Lego or Star Wars shirt has never expressed any interest in how he looked.

Last week Ben had a gymnastics field trip at school.  Sadly he missed it due to a quick bout of the stomach flu.  However in preparation for the trip I laid out a pair of jogging pants.  He wore them around the house that day until the neighbourhood kids got home from school at which point he told all of us that he couldn't possibly wear those pants in public and raced upstairs to change into a pair of jeans. 

I chuckled a bit to myself at that moment.  Yet another sign of his growing sense of self and the gradual growing away from us that seems to be happening so much more quickly these days.  This morning I found out that his little brother had indeed been paying attention when I laid out his jogging pants for the day and as he marched back upstairs with the pants in hand and said:

"There is no way I am wearing these pants out in the public!"

Many more things to learn from his older brother are in store I am sure but this was one that made us chuckle.

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