Monday, December 20, 2010

Letter to Ben and Jack Re:Christmas Crazies

Dear Ben and Jack,

Have you noticed the house is buzzing right now?  Oh yes it is Christmas and well...your parents have some of the most interesting luck in the world.  My Mom always said you pay for the good with the bad.  Very true right now.

As I sit here waiting for the two of you to wake up I feel so very blessed in life.  Two awesome little boys, a good husband, a lovely home and we are all healthy and happy.  Quite a bit to be appreciative and happy for and I am!

The part that has made the past few weeks crazy is:

*Broken furnace
*Lost cell phone
*Mommy's flu
*Jack's flu
*Ben's flu x2
*broken vacuum
*the dog got fleas
*Car accident which may or may not have written off the car (everyone is ok so we will add that to the blessing list x10)

So please understand that if we seem a little crazy right now it has to do with dealing with copious amounts of vomit, cleaning the house top to bottom for fleas and negotiating the best price for a car all in the same morning and nothing to do with you guys.  However, and most important here is to maintain perspective because these are the little curves life throws at us and they pale in comparison to all the good things we have going for us.  It just sometimes takes us...ok maybe more your mother a bit of time to absorb it all and move on.

One promise I will make is that by Christmas eve it will all be settled and sorted so we are ready to suck in your joy on Christmas morning.

I love you both more than you will ever know.
Your Mom

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