Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Power of Little Girls

A lady I worked with who is now a very close friend had two little girls around the same time I had two little boys.  From day one jokes were made about how they would end up marrying one another.  Strangely enough the first time Ben and Georgia met they were dressed in the same outfit except one pink and one blue.

One day when they were maybe three years old we even had a play wedding with food and cake and dancing.  The thing you must understand is that my boys sort of crumble when it comes to these girls and pretty much fall all over themselves when they know they will be hanging out.

In September at Jack's birthday party an about face occurred and I thought it had all come to an end.  The boys were all of the sudden anti girl and the girls were hurt.  Well tonight my girlfriend asked if the girls could come over while Mom and Dad were at a Christmas party and I have been assured that the girls still have their hold over the boys.  As proven by the following conversation between Ben and Jack:

"Come on Jack, let's go brush our teeth and fix our hair to get ready for the girls..."
"OK, but I am NOT brushing my teeth"

So off they went and got all spruced up in anticipation of the girls arrival.  Ben must have checked the window five times during dinner alone to see if they had arrived.

I also got to experience a glimpse into the future myself as Ben and Georgia took off into the basement which right now is under construction so all of the toys are upstairs.  After they had been down there for about 5 minutes I looked at Don and said:

"Don, what do you think they are doing down there?  There aren't any toys for them to play with"

Don laughed and said one day I would be asking the same question and telling Don to go get food from the freezer as an excuse to check on the activities going on in the basement.  A bit too soon for that!

Not sure if they will end up married but they sure are sweet to watch!  I shall spend the evening watching my little boys offer cookies to the girls, offering to dance with them, opening their juice boxes and being little tiny gentlemen.

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