Monday, January 10, 2011

Letter to Ben and Jack

Dear Ben and Jack,

Please ignore your mother right now. She is going through some sort of post traumatic holiday stress and likely a light case of seasonal affective disorder right now and it is making her appear crazy. So if you see any of the following behavior simply retreat to your room and come out later:

1) Your mother with that crazy look in her eyes tidying up your stuff, yeah you know you should have picked it up but once she gets her hands on it the game is over. Take your lecture and in order to avoid this next time pick up your stuff!

2) Your mother's face tighten into a concrete mask after you make a joke about how she is a big moron. Really this is not the time to be making any sort of joke, even the joke that she laughed at seconds earlier is to risky to repeat at this time. Just say you love her and that she is great and move on.

3) Wait wait wait until your mother is done one task before asking her to do another. This alone will save you from both the hairy eyeball and the crazy lecture that comes with it.

Never fear this too shall pass and your regular mother will return. We hope...yeah she will...stuff like this goes away right???

From your crazy, cranky, but always loving even in the midst of a long list of reasons why dirty clothes do not live on bedroom floors,
Your Mother

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