Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Know for Sure...Ugghhh

Living in the cold...yes there is sledding and skating and fort building but there is also lots of indoor time and sometimes this sort of time can make a Mom crazy.  Every year this time it seems to hit me making this installment of things I know for sure even more important to me.  I seek to reassure myself that I am not going crazy and a list of things I know for sure reassures me that I do at least know some things for sure.  Circular logic?  You bet but I will go easy on myself and let it slide...

Things that will for sure make me go Ugghh

1) Sitting on a wet toilet seat

2) Listening to two brothers fighting 

3) Making three meals at dinner time 

4) Cleaning up the fallout from stomach flu

5) Trying to craft an original and interesting school lunch five months into the school year

6) Organizing the Playmobil by theme for the 10th time since Christmas

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