Saturday, March 12, 2011

Craaaazy Hair Day=Crazy Morning

It was crazy hair day around here.  A spirit day for school.  If you pay a dollar you get to go to school with wacky hair.  I did NOT leave enough time on this morning to transform the boys.  This resulted in a rather harried Momma barking at the boys while obsessively checking the time...

"Stay still so I can tease your hair!"
"Stop, moving!"
"Do you WANT to go to school with crazy hair or not?"

Realizing that I was quickly turning what was supposed to be a fun moment into a terrible experience I attempted a lame recovery in my 'super sweet nice voice'.

"You know Mommy used to have a mohawk." 

I guess I hoped that this revelation would somehow make up for my barking.  The boys were leery at that point though.  Knowing that Mom was teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown they did what what they could, just nod and smile at the crazy lady smearing green dye in your hair.

Thankfully for everyone once we got it all under control and once I was confident that we would not miss the bus we were able to enjoy some of the crazy hair.  I do love the expression on Benny's face here.  It says "I really don't want this photo taken but I am gonna do it to keep the nutty one quiet."  Thank you Ben.

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