Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lego, Lego, and More Lego

We are absolutely guilty of buying you both way too many toys.  We have slowed this habit a bit.  One day we realized that plastic toys do not biodegrade in the basement.  In fact if one keeps buying them the pile will grow and grow into somewhat of a monster.  This occurrence has happened more than once forcing us to go through the piles and kijiji some things and throw out the ones which did not match the strength and play requirements of two little boys and their friends.  Which as an aside I am always shocked about!  Seems like three times a year I throw out entire garbage bags of plastic bits.

Anyhow, I digress!  Our toy habit seems especially prevalent in the January to March months.  For a couple reasons.  First Ben's birthday is in March so there are the usual influx of toys associated with birthdays.  Then there are the rewards that happen after one has accumulated 15 magnets on the fridge (Ben for good behaviour at school and Jack for not whining or being negative).  I think though the biggest thing is that in Canada we are cold and tired of being indoors at this time of the year so we make ourselves feel better by bringing new toys into the house.  It works for sure.

So having explained our penchant for toys I can say that we posses a large Lego collection and it did indeed grown more this winter.  On this day of Legoing my boys asked that I take a photo to show off their creations.  They even set up the 'background' for the shot.  Very dedicated builders they are!

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