Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter Project 2011

Have I mentioned before that we are finishing our basement this winter?  Well if I haven't I should because it seems to be consuming much of our spare time lately.  My two little guys have been very patient with all of it though.  I suppose this little beauty of a homemade jungle gym a la Daddy helped. 

As did using the space for an impromptu Beyblade tournament.  One where no adult (ok I confess it is me me me who is always nattering) "Don't hit the walls, those things leave marks!" Because there are no walls yet to worry about.

Wish this photo was clearer but what can you do, my photography skills leave something to be desired.  Now little Jackie it seems actually has a bit of a passion for home improvement.  On this particular night we use over 200 tapcon screws to secure the sub floor to the concrete.  Daddy would use the hammer drill to make the hole and Jackie followed behind to put the screw in.  He developed a procedure which he used at EVERY single hole.

1) Jack picks up his box of screws to go to the new hole (even if it is only a couple feet away he without fail would bring his box with him).
2) Jack walks over to the hole and uses the toe of his shoe to kick all of the concrete dust off the hole.
3) Jack then locates the hole by stepping on the plywood to make the dust poof out of the hole.
4) Jack installs the screw and moves to the next hole.

This went on for almost an hour.  Not too bad for a 5 year old.

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