Sunday, July 25, 2010

The conference room

My boys have recently discovered the program "Wipeout". Not sure if you have seen it but it is basically a giant size obstacle course for adults. They love love love watching the mishaps that happen as people try their best to make it through with the fastest time. It has in fact become so popular here that cheers erupt when they hear the program is coming on. I am okay with this because truth be told if I have to sit through one more episode of Kid vs. Kat or Sponge Bob...well you can imagine.

So, this morning the boys jump out of bed as only children can (right from sleeping to running down the stairs-wish I could that!) and Ben runs into the downstairs bathroom, Jack is a few steps behind yelling "Where are you Ben" to which Ben responds "I'm in here come on in." So Jack rushes into the bathroom and closes the door and I sneak sneak sneaked over to hear what I could hear. Had to contain my giggles. They were in there for about five minutes planning how they were going to build their own version of "Wipeout" obstacles out of their wooden block sets. This was serious business that was being conducted in the downstairs conference room. How much better does it get then that??? And that is just what they did for a good hour. Watched "Wipeout" and built their own course.

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