Sunday, July 25, 2010

A dangerous delivery?

The boys and I were having one of those lazy summer days today. Don was at work and so it was just me and the guys. We lazed, we walked the dog to the park, there was some t.v. watching, some block playing and some snack eating. Around 3:00pm adventure called in the form of a knock at the door. A neighbor with a few deliveries (we love deliveries!). Number one was a bicycle ramp, number two was a huge remote control motorcycle, and number 3 was an authentic Port Angeles Twilight t-shirt for Momma (niiice!).

Our neighbors have a teenage son and so we often inherit the toys he is done with or in the case of todays deliveries the toys he never played with. The motorcycle is charging in the foyer (I will post some photos of the launch which is scheduled for tomorrow morning) but tonight's draw was the bicycle ramp. We are fortunate enough to live on a double cul de sac and there are about 15 other children on our street so some major road play goes on in this hood and tonight was no exception.

The ramp was positioned and like a scene from "Maximum Overdrive" the boys began circling the ramp. Some with training wheels and some without. There were a few crashes, one skinned knee, and a couple bruises but I am pretty sure all boys would agree that it was totally worth it!

Note the last photo which documents the second before Jack's big CRASH!!!

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