Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy crazy days of summer...

Oh boy!  I have two little boys who haven't been to bed on time in a whole month.  However the upside is that every morning we end up in bed snuggling until 9 or 10.  I must laugh at myself because when I first had you boys I was very regimental when it came to schedules.  Bath, snack, book, bed-every night without fail.  But in the past couple years my attitudes have changed and I find that I really don't mind if the summers are a bit nutty, I know you guys are having a blast (like staying in the pool until 9 o'clock with Chad tonight!).  There is also a selfish silver lining for me...late mornings with many snuggles!

The last two days have been a whirlwind.  Yesterday was a terrific summer day that started with some play in the cul de sac, followed by a play with your friends Peyton and Ethan, then finished with some more play in the cul de sac.  Jackie had a very special date in the morning.  You see Jack has a terrible crush on the little girl across the street.  Her name is Emma and she is a senior (kidergardner that is) and Jack is a junior.  I believe Jack loves her more than she loves him (he is always delivering special notes to her mailbox).  My heart breaks each time he crafts a little note for her or when I hear him yelling at her from Ben's bedroom window.  I hope in time she might reciprocate the feelings but I have a feeling this could be Jack's first and very painful lost love.  However there was hope yesterday morning as is evidenced in the pictures above.  The two of them set up shop in her driveway and were eating freezies and listening to Robert Munch on tape together.  A typical boy though-he ran off as soon as all the guys showed up!

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