Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lego Update: let the building commence

Well it took us (mostly Momma) two days to sort all the Lego. That stage is officially done (thank goodness-I actually dreamed about Lego for two nights in a row). Today we started to build the two camper van kits. Poor Ben didn't realize how difficult the build would be. I think he expected it to go really smoothly like when you bring a kit home. His disappointment and my frustration quickly became evident! "I need a blue 4 piecer with a thingy on the side, are you looking for it Ben?" "I'm looking but it is hard to find" "Are you watching t.v. or looking for the blue piece Ben? Because if you aren't helping then I am not going to keep building..." So we stopped. Best to save this project for the ultra patient days.

Daddy just laughs at the whole idea. You know the stuff you say is for the kids when really they end up having no interest and the parents are stuck taking care of it. He thinks it is MY summer project. Like the time I got hermit crabs or the time Daddy had fish for a whole year until he finally got sick of taking care of them and gave them away to a friend of ours. This may be true. However I have a vision of all the Lego put together and the boys looking at me and beaming with happiness. And so, I Lego on.

My strategy is to do the simple kits first and work my way up to the larger kits. Let me know if you have a better strategy, I need the help...

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