Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jack's first love!

My boy Jack has a small obsession you know.  Trains, trains, trains!  Or as Don and I fondly remember traiaiaiains (Jack pronunciation for the first few years).  Well today involved a trip to the dollar store for some party supplies and each boy got to spend a whopping three bucks!  Woohoo!  Jack of course went right for the trains.  So we have purchased yet another train.  Add this to the collection of wooden trains and the big bad boy-the electric train.  More of this will be seen in the coming months because this is really a winter project in this house.  Mommy and Daddy decided that an electric train table would be a fun project.  Then Daddy decided it was really a good Mommy project and so the boys and I work away at it.  I suppose it is like the Lego project or the hermit crabs...

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