Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letters to Ben

Dear Ben,

Last night you read to me before you went to bed. Your voice sounded like a little angel to me. It is amazing to me how well you are reading now. Only last summer we were doing our best to get you to learn to read some simple stories and this summer you are writing your own stories and reading with an amazing flow.

It made me remember the other times your voice has made my heart boil up. Remember the Ontario commercial? "Good things grow in Ontario" Of course there is also the waving flags song "When I get older I will be stronger" That almost had Daddy in tears when you came out with that.

I will miss this little boy voice. Each day it is moving a little further from us. Funny how some days you might wish for a quiet moment (or moments) but in the end you will be chasing those little voices even when they are long gone just for one more listen. Making it all the more important to suck it all up as much as possible while it is right here with us.

I love you,

P.S. do you have to keep growing up so fast???

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