Sunday, July 25, 2010

Things I know for sure

When I was young there were a lot of things I thought I knew.  Having had children and grown up myself I realize that most of the stuff I thought I knew I really didn't.  I am sure that in another ten years I will have even fewer things I know for sure.  So the uncertainty of the things I know having been stated the following are things I am pretty confident I know for sure.

1. Boys who are 1 month into summer vacation with 30 nights of getting to bed well beyond their bedtime can become unmanageable.

2. Even when said boys are unmanageable I still love them no matter what.  Sometimes I just have to wait until they are asleep to fully appreciate just how much I love them.

3.  Swimming in a chlorinated pool replaces bath time.

4.  Even if I chop up really small, puree, or otherwise attempt to disguise vegetables Jack will somehow sense their presence and reject the food.

5.  Ben is highly energetic with his Dad's heart, kind and open to all.

6.  Jack thrives on rules and regulations like his mom.

7.  Sleepy summer mornings cuddled up watching cartoons are opportunities I will never turn down because I know someday soon the boys will think I am a nut if I try to cuddle up with them.

8.  I know I will try cuddle up with them to watch cartoons on summer mornings even if they do think I am a nut!

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