Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going To University To Get Your Car.

As you know this momma is way attached to her boys.  This presents certain conflicts.  One example is university.  I really want the boys to go to university after finishing high school.  I completed my BA over about 17 years through night...between 8 and 11 unfun! I would not want my boys to choose this route if at all possible.

So although I really want the boys to do this I also realize that along with this comes the chance they may choose to attend a school which is far away.  So as soon as the topic of university comes up we have always joked that the boys can choose to go to school in another town and we will pay for residence OR they can go to school locally and live at home and the residence money will go towards a car to get them back and forth to school.

Practical?  Yes.  Without selfish motivation?  No.

The other night Jackie was asking me about how school worked.

"First is kindergarten right Mommy?"
"Yes Jack, and then you go to grade twelve and then to university"
"Oh, that's where I get my car"

Yes, it is Jack.  Yes it is.

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