Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jackie is Five!!!

Ah Mister Jack.  You are now five years old.  Hard to believe so much time has passed since we first met you.  You have been looking forward to this day in "Xtember" for months now and were simply thrilled to learn the time had arrived.

"Jack, your birthday is here."
"Is Xtember here Mommy?"
"Yes, it is Jack."

A train party was organized and the guest list made.  You delivered all of the invitations with a little hop in your step.  Kellie (my good good friend) did face painting at the party.  Thank you Kellie!  You supervised decor.

"Mommy, there aren't enough decorations in the hall for my party."
"Don't worry Jackie, we will get to it."

And get to it we did.  I bought tons of streamers and Ben and Jack coated the stairway with them.  Nice work boys, would hire you both in a second.

The cake was perfect!  Friends of ours from down the street created the most amazing cake.  The photograph doesn't do it justice but it is a steam engine with Jack photo shopped in as the conductor-complete with authentic Via Rail hat.  Thank you Ange and Steve!

My favorite part of the party was when you opened your gifts.  Some might rush this process, anxious to get to the next gift.  Not you though.  You had me read each card to you and each gift was opened with care.

Now you are five my boy.  Now quit growing already!


  1. 5 years old? Is it possible! Where is the baby I use to cuddle to sleep?! I am almost as sad about his growing then you are!

  2. I know Natalie...If I could just slow down the passage of time I would be a much happier Momma!