Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

My Mom passed away when I was in my early twenties and so my boys never got to meet her. This is difficult because I wish so much that she could have met them, listened to their little voices, snuggled them, and loved them. I like to believe that she is sometimes here with us and has seen them even if they never got to meet her.

In the winter my Dad and his wife Pat (who is a fantastic grandmother to these two boys) delivered all of my mother's china and finally today I decided to unpack all of it. A beautiful set all with little pink roses on it. I fondly remember sitting by the china cabinet just looking at it. Probably wanting desperately to play with it.

I was so excited to unpack everything, to touch each piece and take some time to remember my mother. I had totally underestimated their reaction though!

Once I had the set all packed away in my china cabinet there were still many items laid out on the dining room table and once the boys saw all of it they were EXCITED. Jack chose a little teacup with some flowers in it to put in his room. Ben chose a silver vase with flowers for his room. There was even a bit of a scuffle over a few sets of salt and pepper shakers.

One of the items left was a tea set and to my surprise the boys set up a tea party with the set complete with flowers. In fact I was told on several occasions to look away so they could surprise me. They did a fabulous job!

I made some cookies and filled their pot with water and they had 'tea'. My heart was never so warm. They may never feel my mother's arms around them on this earth but to know that the dishes my Mom once touched and carefully saved were now being enjoyed by her grandchildren was a comforting thought.

P.S. yes, that is a shot glass Jack is drinking out of-one of the items he selected...hehe

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