Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter to Ben and Jack

Hi boys,

Well it is the morning of the last day before school starts.  Here I sit by myself.  You are at a sleepover with your very best friends and Daddy is gone on an errand.  I sit and ponder...I am sad to know that another summer has come and gone because I see these summers as a gift of time with you guys.  Snuggles in bed in the morning.  Slow starts to the day and late ends in the evening.  Plays on the street while parents chit chat and play dates with friends.  Happy boys, carefree boys.

Now that you are getting older I realize that the fabric of each successive summer will incorporate a new thread. Last summer your friends were important but this summer they were the focus.  I can only imagine that as each summer passes the changes will intensify until...well until the day we get you set up in your dorm.

Just want you to know that even though I might sometimes be that crazy lady running around making you clean your room, be nice to your brother, wipe your face, change those clothes that I am also that lady who loves you.  The lady who will always love you, and will quite possibly have some sort of boundary issues when you have your own little family to love.

I love you boys,

P.S. If there was any way you both might consider not growing up so quickly that would be much appreciated.

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