Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lego Marble Track...Mommy and Jack Style

I remember when I first stopped working and stayed at home I was quite serious about the whole venture.  I spent much time planning way cool activities and crafts.  Then somewhere along the way this slowed.  I suppose it coincided with a newfound interest in friends as opposed to playing with Mom.  Every once in while though I am totally game for a new project and we GET INTO IT.

Sometimes though the projects can go a little wrong.  Remember the great Lego sort that led to...well sorted Lego.  Ben was at school today and Jackie decided he wanted to make a Lego marble track.  He had been so patient while I did housework that this seemed like a request that deserved granting.  So we headed to the nicely sorted pile of Lego (suppose it was good for something if not it's intended purpose!) and got to work.

Mommy try try tried to make a motorized elevator but we soon realized this was not to be.  Ok so in reality I spent many minutes trying to figure out a way to make the motor work for us and Jack finally said:

"Mom, no motor ok?"
"Ok Jack"  to self:  "Thank goodness!"

So we went with a regular non-motorized marble track and I think the result if not particularly innovative was just right for Jack and his Legoly challenged Momma.

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