Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ahh matchers.  My boy's pet name for the days they are dressed the same.  I know some people might find it silly but I love love love putting these two handsome fellows in matching clothes.  Of course now that they are older this isn't happening as often.  Jack has extremely particular ideas about clothing and Ben has started to feel that dressing the same as your younger brother may not be the coolest thing.

When I came home with matching snowsuits for this winter Ben very nicely asked if I could stop matchers.  I know this is time limited so on this day I got pretty crafty.  We had a party to go to so I prepared clothes for each boy and sent them to their separate rooms to dress.  They met up with me in the hall.

Ben: "Whoa look at us matchers!"
Jack: "Isn't that funny mommy?"
Ben: "Yeah, isn't it funny that our clothes match Mom?"
Mommy to self: "Yes it is boys, oh yes it is."

I found this set of matchers at the Gap.  Little polo shirts with skulls on them.  Perfect for rough and tumble boys.  I think they look super sweet and might even have to save one of the shirts in my pile of "too many memories to give away" clothes.


  1. Wish I could say how I found hopping I'm sure! Happy to see a Canadian mommy blogger (I'm originally from Montreal!)

    Just wanted to say hi! :)

  2. Hi Suzanne! Nice to get a hello from a fellow Canadian. Montreal is a great place. Our boys especially love the subway system there (of course!).