Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Practice

I wish I had pictures of this but I don't. Still a story worth sharing. Remember how I said we lived in the best neighborhood? Well we do and it was further evidenced to me just last week!

Picture it...Friday night and all the Moms and Dads have picked their little ones up from the bus and the usual street play is underway on the cul de sac.

Things take a dramatic change when one little girl decides to distribute a bag of candy to the rest of the children. I believe we counted 11 of them. One rule applied though, you had to have a bag to put the candy in. 11 children scurry around the cul de sac looking for bags so they can get their candy treat.

I think at this point there were a few girls who had been playing dress up but after the bags and the candy their little imaginations were just pumping! Ben and Jack came home and got bits and pieces of last year's Halloween costumes and before we knew it we had 11 kids running in a pack trick or treating!

As it happened that night about half of our neighbors were away so only the parents of the children on the street were at home. This meant that the kids had free reign to knock on every door in the cul de sac without fear of offending anyone.

Well, the parents who were visiting on the front lawns, enjoying a few drinks all caught the spirit of both their children and Halloween. We all scurried trying to come up with treats for this trick or treat session. I believe at the end of the night each bag contained:

* a Kool Aid jammer
* cheese slices
* gummy candies
* cheese and crackers

Perhaps the best moment of this mock session was when the neighbors across from us pulled in from getting groceries. All the parents were doubled over when we saw 11 children in a mob surround their car and come out with a big bag of cheesies!

Not a bad haul for the middle of September!


  1. Seriously? That is awesome! What a fun time. Wish we were there too!

  2. That is an awesome story! We all wish we could live in a neighborhood like that! My last house was on a busy corner AND we had no sidewalks, so trick or treating with 4 kids under 4 was a NO GO. I recently moved into "the perfect neighborhood" too and I am REALLY looking forward to the fall season to see how my neighbors celebrate. This summer, one of the homes set up a giant inflatable TV screen in the street's park divider and showed movies every Sunday night while it was warm out. For Halloween, I heard that a few parents get together in their little cul de sac grassy areas and pool their candy in a giant pot and let the kids have a supervised free-for-all. I hope the Christmas season is shimmery!

    It would mely my heart to see the neighborhood kids have a "flash mob" and do a group treasure hunt or impromptu trick or treat session!

  3. Thanks! We feel so blessed to live here. The couple times we have considered moving we just couldn't do it because I can picture so many memories being made on this street. I hope your new neighborhood is just like ours-sounds like it just very well may be!