Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Island Adventures A La Daddy

Ever dreamed about being a true pirate and setting out for adventure?  Well Benny was in heaven on our trip to visit a girlfriend and her son (who happens to be Ben's bes friend in the world!).  Just off the beach was a real shipwreck!  A paddle boat sunk and left to the ravages of the open sea (er...lake).  Three boys all age seven spent a good half hour attempting to bring the ship to shore.  The did a pretty good job of it!

Enter head pirate (aka Daddy).  The boat was pulled to shore in no time and plans were laid to set sail to an island no too far away where they would find their treasures.

Enter huge rain storm (aka dream destroyer).  All the pirates were gathered by their Mom's and told to get back to the trailer as soon as possible.

Dreams for another day...

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