Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Awesome Pool Moves

Benny has always been our little water baby.  From day one when he would go into his baby bath he would kick, kick, kick.  This attitude translated directly to the pool.  He dives beneath the surface, snorkels like a pro-the boy knows no fear (my heart pitter patters on a regular basis with this boy!

Jack is more cautious.  We worried he might never get out of his little red and yellow swim vest which we dubbed the Shriner vest due to its uncanny resemblance to the vests the Shriner men wear.  In fact at the beginning of this swim season he inquired about its where abouts.  Without missing a beat I lied and told him it  was ruined by the chlorine last summer.

My lies paid off as you can see by the little boy in his underwear (Jack prefers it to swimwear).   At the end of this season he is keeping up to his brother.  Now a cannon ball expert!

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