Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Bike That Jack Built

Don and I were in the garage last night and looked over at little Jack's bicycle.  We realized that he has slowly given his bike a makeover.  It happened so slowly that we hadn't realized it.  Almost like when you see your friends children and comment on how much they have grown and your friend says "Oh, do you think so?"

And so we see:

The Christmas Teddy Bear Grandma and Grandpa gave Jack when he was two years old tied on the bicycle with a string from his string art kit.

The pinwheel he got from a loot bag fastened with way too much packing tape.

Dollar store horn that toots an extremely irritating toot.

Two foam balls, one stuffed into the horn and the other in the handle bars.

About ten spoke beads left over from Ben's reign with the bike.

All together it creates quite an impression.  That's my Jack!

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