Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Toe Competitions

Yes those are my toes close up and...well pretty. Not the toes but the toe painting. I came home with this pedicure and the boys love it. Jackie has made me promise not to take it off. Benny has developed a different way of expressing his appreciation. I had a girlfriend over with her kids for a play date and as we sat and chatted Ben came over to examine our toes. He quite proudly announced that I was the winner with the nicest toes! Needless to say my girlfriend and I had a bit of chuckle over the results of the toe competition. It has continued to happen. Each time new toes are available for judging Ben has a look. Sometimes the results are announced publicly and sometimes just to me after company has left..."Mommy, you have the nicest toes of all the Mommies." Thank you for noticing Ben.

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