Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our trip to the zoo...

We went to the Bowmanville Zoo with a friend of mine and her son. We had the BEST time. It took us only about 30 minutes to cover the zoo by foot so at first we wondered just how good this trip was going to be AND if it was worth the two hour car ride to get there but we were pleasantly surprised with all this zoo had to offer. There was a show to see, a trolley ride through lion and wolf areas, splash pad, huge blow up slide, and a park.

All the boys really liked the petting zoo area. 25 cents got you a handful of corn to feed the baby pygmy goats. Ben was especially taken with them. He spent so much time following them around and whispering sweet nothings in their ears. All love that boy is. Jack found a way to make his corn last forever...he picked up every kernel ever dropped by the other kids at the zoo. He is like me-I wouldn't dare burn a decorative candle until I was in my mid twenties. Obsessed with making things last I guess.

The show was amazing and one of the highlights of the day. All three boys watched with rapt attention and little Jack was so cute clapping like the most polite little gentleman. We also got a kick out of the ostrich that followed us in the tour trolley trying to nip Ben's head!

A good day was had by all which is saying a lot because it was 30 degrees that day so we could have easily ended up with two cranky moms and some unhappy boys but that did not happen at all.

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