Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Dirty Little Secret

What is our dirty little secret?  Well, the one I am willing to share our love of junk food.  When Benny was little and I was still the 'perfect' mother.  You know the new mother, we have all been there and/or seen her.  That mother who gasps when her little one drops a toy on the ground and scoops it up even though their child is crying so she can give it a wash.  Well back in the day I did not let Benny have any foods that did not appear on the little food menu provided by the health unit.  That is until Halloween 2005.  It all changed then and I remember the exact moment.  I had put all of the trick or treat candy n a bowl on the fridge and I (with an over active sweet tooth) really wanted a chocolate bar from the bowl.  Benny was two and a half and way too old for me to eat something in front of him that he couldn't have without some sort of fit. So, I gave him a little chocolate treat of his own to keep things fair.  As it turns out Benny's sweet tooth is as bad as mine and let me tell you his little eyes lit up at the taste of that chocolate bar in his mouth.  Sort of like winning the lottery but without the cash.  It was a moment I will never forget.

So now years later when this family gets a hankering for a movie night complete with treats we head to our local Bulk Barn where we carefully roam the aisles selecting all the delicious treats we desire.  The most wonderful part is that you can pick five different things and just get a few of each.  Then when we get home we dump all of our loot into our own little bowl and ENJOY!

This was one of THOSE nights and enjoy we did!

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