Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cuba, The Prelude...

Our boys are getting excited. So are Mom and Dad for that matter. We will be heading to Cuba soon and last night things got a bit more real for the boys when Daddy brought home three rolling suitcases we found on Kijiji. Well you would have thought we bought out the toy store with how excited these two boys were. Major play ensued.

Ben was an airport worker loading the bags up and down the stairs for Jack who was the air traveler. I am pretty sure he went up and down in excess of 10 times. No small feat for a little boy-pure determination.

Ben and Jack were travelling to get to the amusement park. Of course they had to drop their suitcases off first.

Our hallway was a moving sidewalk in the airport and they rode it back and forth.

They were pilots who had packed their suitcases and were heading off to work.

Then things took a more serious turn. Cases were selected for each member of the family for when we go away-I was assigned the smallest one. Packing lists were formulated. Jack is bringing only toys and books no clothes. Ben is bring only books, no toys. Then the packing began. What a sight. Every pocket was zipped and unzipped multiple times to ensure that all available packing space was accounted for. Packing was limited to books which were selected for content with care. At the end of the evening Daddy was responsible for taking the suitcases up to their bedrooms and this morning I was in charge of bringing them down the stairs.

The cases have rolled up and down my hallway throughout the day. I did have to stop the suitcase race that started as it was sure to lead to a suitcase derby which can only mean bad things for the suitcases and my walls. I think that maybe these boys are excited to go away. They just needed the tools to show us their excitement and now we know they are just as excited as we are.

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