Monday, August 9, 2010

THE Marble Track

So by now you know that this Mom and Dad like to take on projects and this March break passed was no exception.  Momma decided that it would be a good idea to build a paper marble track with the boys.  So Momma did.  Mostly by herself but definitely with supervision from Ben and Jack, oh and lots of trial runs by the boys too.

Now the marble track was cool, like really cool.  Way cooler than the volcano, underwater panorama with moving scuba man, marble track complete with You Tube video, the coolest project yet.  The boys loved it and whenever other children came to visit it was usually the first stop of all the toys.  There were grand plans to add additional marble tracks to the frame.  And so the marble track lived in the kitchen...for FIVE months!  Then came the day when it was time for marble track to move and so it moved to Ben's room.

This is where the demise of the marble track really hit fast forward.  You see, every time play dates came over the kids would be upstairs ALONE with the marble track.  When the track was in the kitchen I could carefully monitor my 'third child' making sure that all the other kids were being nice to it, not fighting with it, not being to rough with the delicate baby that was MY, I mean the boy's marble track.

But I digress, the other day I asked the boys to pick their rooms up so I could vacuum and I laughed a little when I went into Ben's room because their the marble track sat on top of Ben's bed clearly tossed up there in hurry and I knew then that it was time to let my baby go.  Now there had been chit chat between the boys about how they might get rid of the track.  Most notable were the crashing and bashing scenarios but there was also mention of burning.  So today I told the boys was the day to rid ourselves of the track.  I had a girlfriend to meet and so I told the boys that while I was gone they could do the deed however they liked.

"Can we do it now mommy?"
"No wait until I am gone"
"Are you okay with us destroying it mom?"
"Yes, I just don't want to see it happen."

When I came home it was gone and all that was left was a little pile of ashes in the back yard.  Guess the fire fantasy won out.  Ben was a bit concerned that my feelings were hurt because he is sensitive and felt my attachment to the track was strong.  So all I have left are these pictures I snapped this morning because the photos of the track in its glory days were lost with our camera in the spring.  That is okay though, these are enough to remind me of how I spent March Break 2010.

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