Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jack's Doghouse

Ben and Jackie accompanied me on my weekly grocery trip this week.  Now sometimes this can provide another level of difficulty.

"Can we have those chocolate covered cakes, the ones made with palm and coconut oils?"
"Can we have the hot wheels that they charge double for here because parents buy them to keep their children quiet while they shop?"
"Can we have some of that super sugary breakfast cereal guaranteed to have us whipping around the island in the kitchen within minutes of consumption?"

However on this day I had two angels helping me which truth be told is usually the way these boys shop.  As long as I lay out what stops are to be expected I can usually count on at least five stops without much trouble.    Back to our trip.  Only one request was made on this trip and it came from Jack.  He wanted to bring a box home from the pile of boxes found at the ends of the checkouts for grocery packing.  Seems reasonable and so my boy had himself a big beautiful waxy apple box.

Little Jackie spent a couple days playing with the box until his final vision for the box struck.  It was to be Pedro's mean Pedro's dog house.  He had Daddy cut out a door and Mommy make the sign "Pedro's Show".  I did have to advocate for the dog more than a few times that afternoon.

"DO NOT put him in the box if he doesn't want to go in it."
"But Mom he went inside all by himself"
"I was watching the whole time he DID NOT go inside by himself!"

After a rough start Pedro did adjust to the box.  Of course there was bribery involved as is evidenced by the photos above.

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