Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Like, We Like to Party!

It would appear that a bit of new tradition has come together at this end of the double cul de sac we live on. Whichever families are home congregate in the driveway of the family who lives at the end of the cul de sac. Everyone brings something from their from the kitchen and the result heavily rivals the one found in the children's classic Stone Soup!

The kids are particularly smitten with these evenings because it means they get to play outside with all their friends until it is way too late and then they get to go into their friend's basement to play which is the BEST part! Last night around 9pm all ten of the kids started chanting "Party, party, party". It was quite a site!

Ben being a bit older than Jack knew that the chances of it being party night were good. Now, earlier in the night I had seen my children's feet and knew they shouldn't be in anyone's home with those dirty toes and I had mentioned this casually to Ben. So later on when he asked me if they were going to be able to go into their friend's basement I was still unsure what was happening so didn't give a firmly positive response. Ben was devastated "But Mom, if we don't go into their house that means I washed my feet for NOTHING!" I checked and those were some of the cleanest toes seen all night. My boy likes to party.

We are fortunate to have great neighbors and we think this 'party' thing is a wonderful precursor for the teenage years. I figure we throw a 'party' every Saturday night at one of our homes for the kids and this way we will always be able to keep tabs on them...crafty parents!

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