Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy Days

It rained here for two days. Daddy was at work so we didn't have a car which meant some heavy duty indoor time. The boys were super de duper the first day. I, being the slightly neurotic and anxious sort that I am scoured the house. It was clean clean clean for like a whole hour. SUCCESS!

The second morning I walked anxiously from room to room looking for something to clean (weird huh?). The it dawned on me, we have kept busy this summer doing a lot of playing with friends. This has been awesome and is exactly what the boys prefer but we had left something important out. Wait...not we, I had left something important out. Downtime.

I think I forgot how to relax and just be happy being. There is some sort of strange guilt attached to that for me. Stay at home mommyitis perhaps? Maybe. So the boys and I cuddled on the couch under a blanket. Nintendo DS in their hands and ipod in mine and together but separate we played and snuggled. Offered encouragement to each other when someone did well, sighed and supported when someone did poorly. You know what? It was nice and as these boys grow I want to have memories of times just like these. They are just as important as the more active and busy memories. So I shall suck them up and absorb them GUILT FREE!!!

Knowing of course that on rainy day number three we need to get back to busy...

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