Sunday, August 15, 2010

Geocaching, Real Live Treasure Hunting

We started geocaching about a year ago. It is a real live treasure hunt for kids and for adults too. you go to the website and upload coordinates to your GPS to find the treasures. Then after following the trail you will reach the area the cache is hidden. Some are large containers which hold all sorts of treasure (think dollar toys) while others are micro caches which only hold a log book to mark your find. It is a great way to explore for a few reasons:

1. You get to explore new places that you didn't know even existed.
2. The thrill of finding a hidden cache is intense. I have seen cheers break out amongst groups of avid seekers-usually by the adults!
3. It is the perfect activity to do with another family.
4. At the end of a day of geocaching you have had much fresh air and exercise, your dinner will taste great!
5. This is the best one and the reason that never fails to amaze me. Your children WILL walk for hours (like at least 3!!!) and not complain even one time because for them this is big time treasure hunting and they are willing to work for this kind of fun!

On this day we went to a local walking trail to geocache. The day was perfect, no sun but still very hot and two sweet boys to enjoy the activities with. Nice.

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