Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letters to Ben

Dear Ben,

Each night for the past three you have come down the stairs crying after we put you to bed. You are worried Mom and Dad are going to die and that you won't see us anymore. I remember feeling the same feelings about my parents when I was your age and I looked through the photo album at them.

Each night we have reassured you that we aren't going anywhere but you are getting older and while this answer might satisfy Jack you dig deeper. "But you will die one day and then I won't see you anymore." On the third night this happened (which I suspect may have happened because you got to come cuddle Mom and Dad in our bed on the first two nights) you really got me thinking. Life has no guarantees which means we need to be grateful and enjoy each day we have because each one is a gift. Of course people say this all the time but your questions made me realize they weren't just words it was real. We are only on this earth for a few short years and then we move on.

I tried explaining to you that by the time Mommy and Daddy go you will be grown up with your own children. I don't think you could conceptualize this quite yet. So I focused on the one thing I know for sure. It is true that one day our bodies will grow too old for this earth but I know we will meet again in heaven so really we never need worry about saying goodbye.

Love you Ben.

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